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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently questions asked by our users

What is Ghostnote?

Ghostnote is a new way of thinking about note taking. Instead of simply taking notes and structuring them to make sure you know what they are about, Ghostnote creates the context for you on the fly. Think about it as post-it-notes for your mac. Watch Video

Why isn't it free?

There is no other app like Ghostnote available and we spent lots of time and dedication creating it. We are asking for a small amount compared to both the current value but especially the future value of this product. Supporting us means supporting the development of what we consider to be a great new way to think about note taking.

I saw some reviewers on the Mac App Store say that you need to rate Ghostnote in order to try it. Is that true?

No it's not true. You can click anywhere outside splash screen and it will disappear.

Can I see all my notes in one view?

The current answer is no, however, our next update will allow you to connect your notes with other applications such as Evernote, SimpleNote etc. We also have many other improvements planned.

Why is the Splash screen popping up all the time?

To be honest we never thougth of this as a problem. The splash screen is supposed come there first time you launch the app. For some reason it's poppoing up when they reboot their machine. We are looking into that and will issue a fix very soon. (written 09/22/15)

Where are the notes stored?

Moving the files and folders will break the links. We are currently allowing you to connect with Evernote or export to RTF format to at least keep your files if you end up doing that. Second we are working on a solution that allow you to move files or folders around without it breaking the link.

What things that one might do with their Mac might delete the notes, or break the links between the notes and the files?

For now they are stored in the app. In the coming update they will be exportable to other formats. Please sign up for the newsletter if that is an important feature for you.

Will they remain after an operating system reinstall?

If you mean upgrade from ex. Yosemite to El Captain then yes. If you mean complete reinstall then no the notes wont be persistent. However we are working on several solutions for that among others team notes which will not only save your notes "in the cloud" but also allow you to share these notes with others in ex. Dropbox.

Are they retained if the hard drive is cloned to an external drive, the internal drive replaced/upgraded, and the data is cloned back again?

See above

Do the Ghostnotes transfer to other Macs running Ghostnote?

See above

If one renames a volume / disk, will the Ghostnote linking be retained?

No, but one of the optimization things we are working on.

I keep getting a spinning gear next to the icon, why is that?

In Yosemite, Apple introduced a background service that causes some users to experience a spinning gear when an applescript is initiated. We are hoping Apple will address this issue in the near future, but are also looking into a solution of our own. Something that may resolve the issue is re-isntalling document support. To do this, click the Ghostnote menubar icon, then the gear icon, then Install Document Support... If this issue is happening to you and you’d like to help us test potential fixes, feel free to email us at info@ghostnoteapp.com to enroll in our beta release or get the non-app store version which does work without the spinning gear. Just send us a screenshot of Ghostnote running on your machine and we will migrate you

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