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Ghostnote support the following documents


Ghostnote let you add notes to applications, documents, folders and websites

Evernote Integration
Integrate Ghostnote with Evernote and enjoy seamless backup and the ability to search through your notes
Document/Application Switcher
Switch between adding notes to your applications or your documents by using our view mode functionality
Customized Shortcut
Use customizable keyboard shorcuts for quick access to your own notes. Making Ghostnote even more enjoyable
Custom Scripting
Expand ghostnote with your own scripts. Share with the rest of the community
Adjustable Font Size
Want a bigger font? No problem. Ghostnote allow you to change text size
RTF File Export
Export your notes into easy readable RTF files for later retrival or backup

See how it works

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Remembers where you took your notes

Access via the menu bar by simply clicking the ghost icon.
Ghostnote registers the context and saves this automatically for you.

Add notes to your project folders if you work in a large company so you know who is responsible for what.

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