May & June Newsletter

Happy May & June! Ghostnote v1.2 the unique note and todo app is now available directly on our site and on the Mac App Store. Trial version now available directly from our website. Evernote integration and much much more.

Ghostnote v1.2 is now available! It took some time but after a lot of hard work we finally managed to ship the new version of Ghostnote. When you read this mail, an update should be available for you in the Mac App Store (4.5 Star Rating) . We can’t wait to get your feedback!

If you still haven’t seen Ghostnote in action go check-out this video.

What features made it into this release?

  • Evernote export – One of the most popular requests have been support for Evernote. We have successfully implemented it and it will part of our next update. Watch Video
  • Customized Shortcut – Another popular request has been the ability to open and close the app via a shortcut. Happy to say we got that in there too.
    Watch Video
  • Switch between document & application notes – Starting from next update, you now have the ability to switch between notes for the application and notes for specific documents. That way you can have general notes for the app while still being able to write notes for specific documents. Watch Video
  • Ghost icon shows if there are notes or tasks Ghost icon indicate whether you have a note or a todo. It even shows you if you have unfinished tasks.
  • Custom scripting i.e. the ability to customize the scripts – If you know your way around Applescript you can actually add your own Document Support already now. Some users have been sharing scripts and we recently wrote a brief tutorial about how to do this yourself. If you end up making your own scripts please don’t hesitate to share them with us we will make sure you get full credit and it will be added to our scripts repository.
  • Real time note export – If you want access to your notes in a readable format we have made a simple note exporter which puts all the notes into a structured folder. We will be adding more advanced support a little further down the road.
  • Preferences – We changed the preferences panel to be more in line with standard Apple GUI and to provide bigger flexibility for adding new features.
  • Faster Performance – A lot of our users said the app felt a little slow at times. With this update that should be solved.

Availability – Ghostnote is now available directly from our website. We have also made it available for several other distribution channels such as and

Pricing – We have increased the price from $4.99 to $9.99.  We believe this is a fair price-point that reflect the value and allow us to continue to improve and expand the quality. However because we can now sell outside the app store we have also added a 7 Day Free Trial.

Next release v1.3

Already hard at work at the next release. Besides the usual bug fixes and increased document support we are going to add Team Notes. This basically turns Ghostnote into a collaborative notes/todo app and allow you to share notes via dropbox and other cloud services. We are still experimenting with it but are very excited about the potential.

What’s coming a little further down the road.

Ghostnote for MS Windows. We are still working on making Ghostnote availble for Windows and hope to have something ready by Q3. We already started sketching and have started development. If you are a Windows user and want to become a beta tester, mail us at

Support Ghostnote

And last but not least. We are a small independent developer trying to build a kick ass product. Besides buying our software, one of the best ways to keep us in business, so we can keep support the development of Ghostnote is to give us a good review in the app store and share Ghostnote with your social network.

Download Ghostnote V1.2 with Free 7 Day Trial – Free Trial | Buy
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